Huntington woman claims she was told to break quarantine to pick up COVID-19 test results

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOAY) – A woman from Huntington is claiming she was recently tested for COVID-19 at St. Mary’s Medical Center and was told to break quarantine and pick up her results in person. 

Melissa Gillepsie says that after more than a week she has still not been given her test results. She tells us she is almost positive she has the disease, but without results, she and anyone else she’s been in contact with have no idea. 

“I needed my test results because I’ve been sick and still having issues, and then my children are getting sick. I’ve been told multiple times we can’t give you anything over the phone, there’s no test results over the phone. Somebody’s telling you on the news to stay home, don’t go anywhere, so they’re telling me to come in with my ID to get my results. It doesn’t make sense.”

Gillepsie told us she’s concerned that part of the reason West Virginia’s confirmed cases are so low is partly that it’s so difficult to be tested, and getting results back is a challenge in itself. 


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