Hundreds of trees planted at new farm in Fayetteville

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – People came out and got their hands a little dirty at a new community-organized farm in the Wolf Creek area of Fayetteville. A farm called New Roots Community Farm, everyone seemed happy putting in the effort to live up to the name by planting some new roots.

“It’s so wonderful! We love having the folks come in and a sense of community. Everything is absolutely beautiful and the farm is amazing,” says Erin Yakim, production team leader at New Roots Farm.

The Earth Day tree planting event on this no more than two-year-old farm was organized by Generation New River Gorge and in collaboration with WVSU Extension Service and the town of Fayetteville. And while it was windy, the team of volunteers could not have picked a more beautiful day to get to work.

“As you can tell we have high winds here, but we also want to recognize our Earth Day and mother nature, and so we are kind of simultaneously mixing in our community efforts and projects, and then just continuing to plant trees,” says Dina Hornbaker, manager of New Roots Farm.

The main task the teams set up to achieve was simply planting trees– and lots of them! They anticipated planting around 130 different kinds of trees ranging from Dogwood, Maple, and a variety of fruit trees. But other tasks included even designing a natural windbreaker.

“We’re creating a natural windbreak with Arborvitae trees. So, if you look we have some posts right over here making a man-made windbreak until the trees get big enough to help with protection because we tend to have some really high winds out here and so we want to make sure we protect our structures we have created.”

Many different kinds of trees were planted here, but one of the most groundbreaking moments was the very first Apple Tree getting to be planted at New Roots Community Farm.

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