How Veterans Are Spending Their Thanksgiving

BECKLEY, WV – There are many different ways people chose to spend the Holidays and making sure that those who have fought for the freedom of our country have a wonderful thanksgiving is a special way to spend this thanksgiving holiday.

The VA Medical hospital prides themselves in providing the best care for veterans. During the whole month of November the VA Medical hospital has had events and activities that are geared towards keeping the patients and residents active physically, mentally and most of all showing them that they are loved and cared about. Thanksgiving is no different, A special meal on thanksgiving will be prepared for each resident and their dietary need. Veterans Family members and friends are welcome to come have dinner with them and others will spend thanksgiving at the homes of their family members and friends.

” It’s of our utmost value. We feel very honored to take care of our nations heroes here and anything that we can do to help them have a more healthy life and a more fulfilled life, we do it because we just love our veterans.” Said Lynn Legg, The Associate Director of Patient Care Services

If anyone would like to help veterans in some way, the V.A. Medical Center is always accepting donations. Which are used to provide veterans with necessities and the proper care they need.

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