House of Delegates Candidate holds COVID-safe meet and greet in Greenbrier County

RAINELLE, WV (WOAY) – Cindy Lavender-Bowe is the incumbent candidate for West Virginia House District 42, which covers parts of Greenbrier, Summers and Monroe Counties.

She held a COVID-safe meet and greet at the Meadow River Valley Community Park to meet with constituents and hear their concerns. 

“It’s a difficult time with the pandemic and connecting with folks. So we have set up events like this where we’re outdoors, socially distanced, but we’re still able to connect in a way that we can answer questions and concerns from our constituents,” Lavender-Bowe said.  

Cindy is a member and founder of the House Democratic Women’s Caucus, which has the goal to uplift the voice of women and children in the state. Alongside her at the event was her husband Mark, a local businessman from the Greenbrier area. 

“I think that what she believes is what I believe, and that is that we can have the best West Virginia we can have. We just have to think outside the box and think about what we need to do to better ourselves in Greenbrier County and all over the state.”

Cindy also believes in amplifying the voice of constituents. She wants more people to be comfortable with contacting their district representatives, no matter their party affiliation. 

“I serve in the House of Delegates and we call that the people’s house for a reason, because we’re there to represent you. And if you have an issue, or a challenge or a concern, please reach out and use your voice. Because the only way that we can improve things and make things better is if we know exactly what it is that you need.”

Cindy is running as one of two Democratic incumbents for District 42, the other being Jeff Campbell. On the other side of the ticket are Republicans Barry Bruce and Todd Longanacre, who are both new candidates.

All four candidates will participate in a virtual debate hosted by The Greater Greenbrier Chamber of Commerce on October 13. 

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