HOPE Rehab Center sees 14 patients within first six weeks of referrals

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – “Anytime you roll out a new program, you’re always looking to improve. You see where you’ve made your mistakes and you see what you need to do and do it better.”

Operating on a capacity quota due to COVID-19, Hope Rehabilitation Center has still managed to bring in 14 patients since its doors opened. Averaging 3-5 calls per day, its staff is excited about how patients have been managed thus far.

“I would like to think we have had success with our patients that have came through Hope thus far,” said Director of Social Work Robin Pruitt. “We have been able to transition them over to longer term treatment programs. To transitional housing. We have been able to set them up with primary care providers and follow up with their healthcare needs on discharge.”

What sets Hope apart from other centers and detox facilities is that it’s medically monitored. Its staff can care for patients that have medical issues that require constant attention.

“We have around the clock nurses and LPN’s that help to manage underlying health conditions and health needs of patients,” Pruitt said. “What we know when they’re actively using that they don’t take care of their healthcare needs.”

Despite a relatively smooth start, the staff at Hope is always looking to improve its work, in no small part due to the high stakes facing patients.

“We as a staff have been challenged,” Pruitt said. “We’re all new to this. But I feel that we are on the road to success.

“We have a wonderful team here, healthcare team. A wonderful staff here. Good leadership. And we are committed to meeting the needs of those that desire our service.”

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