Hinton City Council working to clean up the town

HINTON, WV (WOAY) – Tonight, the Hinton City Council met to discuss a long list of items that the city needs to address. One of the most significant issues is the clean up of several abandoned and damaged structures around town.

The city plans to begin getting in contact with the owners of the properties and give them the option to either fix the property themselves or give it to the city so the city can repair or demolish the property. The mayor plans to make this one of the city council’s top priorities.

“There have been beautification plans going on for a while, and we got some really nice streetscape in place, but there are some areas that still need improvement,” said Hinton Mayor Jack Scott. “I think most of our focus will be on the lapidated housing where we just have allowed things to kind of go down in places, not only in a residential but even in our business community. So we plan a focus for the next several years to start tearing down homes and getting the town cleaned back up.”

Both city council members and citizens are excited to see action being taken to correct the housing issues and clean up the city.

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