Guests receive honor at first-ever Brian’s Safehouse homecoming

PROSPERITY, WV (WOAY) – Local faith-based ministry and a safe place for those with Substance Use Disorders, Brian’s Safehouse of Prosperity, West Virginia was host to its inaugural homecoming picnic, and graduates, former residents, and their family members were the guests of honor for the event.

“There are so many of the people that have graduated and have become successful in their lives like God is blessing their lives and they’re doing well, and the idea was to bring them back here on the hill and let them share with others who are coming along,” says Leon Brush, a Co-founder of Brian’s Safehouse.

But along with honoring the graduates and former residents of both the Safehouse and the Sparrow’s Nest, the organization is presenting the Hope Award– an annual award honoring someone who offers hope to the residents– to one of its dedicated volunteer instructors and pioneers of the Safehouse, 93-year-old Cormie Hildebrand, for his many years of life-impacting service to the organization.

“The whole thing is that once people help you it’s the best if you can just pass that on, that’s what I’ve been trying to do, is what people did for me I’m trying to pass it on to these other guys who are needing help now,” Cormie says.

Now about 60 years sober, Cormie was a former alcoholic who has went on to serve as a voice of reason and a beacon of hope to those in similar positions of struggle at the Safehouse, touching the lives of many others throughout his work as a volunteer there.

“Cormie made a huge impact on my life, when you come into his class most of us are very uncertain and he just leads by example, he definitely takes his time and works with you to show you can learn the things and lead a life like him, and you know, it just gives you hope,” says Joseph Mclaughlin, a graduate of BSH.

And over a hundred people were expected to be in attendance at the homecoming, cheering Cormie on as he receives the Hope Award, eating dinner, sharing memories, and being in fellowship with one another.

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