Gresham Plumbing Supply Company offers expertise on President’s Day and beyond

Today on President’s Day we honor both our first President George Washington’s birthday, as well as President Lincoln’s on February 12.

As a federal holiday with so many establishments closed customers are happy to turn to a local family business like Gresham Plumbing Supply in Beckley.

“It’s pretty much just a regular day here but there’s a lot of other people that ain’t open, which actually increases our business it seems ’cause more people have the day off,” said Branch Manager Wes Mason. “So they come in and get their honeydues done, I guess.”

Gresham Plumbing Supply has been serving the Charleston area since 1920 and opened up shop in Beckley in October 2021. People count on them for their plumbing supply expertise.

“We like being here for the community, especially on days where nobody else is open they can rely on us to be here for any of their emergencies or anything they may need,” Mason said. “We do what we can.”

They are much more hands-on.

“It’s one of the main compliments we get, people come in here versus going to the box store. The box stores, they don’t really want to help you or they don’t know,” said the branch manager. “We specialize, especially in plumbing. We’ll show you how to hook it up and how to put it together and what you need to do.”

Whatever you need, Mason says Gresham’s is stocked with a wide variety of products.

“Our main thing is plumbing but we have a little bit of heat stuff, hydronic stuff, a few parts for Four Stair,” he said.

Gresham Plumbing Supply is a good resource on a holiday or any other day.

“Especially when it’s been cold and stuff ’cause there’s a lot of water line breaks, just different things like that,” said Mason. “A lot of times it’s an emergency; we’re here for the community and able to help them out.”

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