Greenbrier County students return for in-person classes for the first time in over two weeks

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Two weeks ago, Greenbrier County Schools announced that students would learn remotely past Thanksgiving break. The target date to bring students back in person was today, December 3rd.

The number one priority for going fully remote for multiple weeks was the safety of staff and students. After monitoring the color coding map profusely, officials concluded that it would be safe to bring students back in person while maintaining necessary precaution.

“Over the break we saw that that was some concern,” said Greenbrier County Schools’ Superintendent Jeff Bryant. “But once again, Greenbrier County remained in the green level. We were in yellow for a short period of time. We monitor it every day and several times a day. And we’ll continue to do that.”

The responsibility for deciding if it’s safe to allow students to return in person is managed by multiple groups.

“Frequent contact with Greenbrier County Health Department,” said Greenbrier County Lead School Nurse Paula McCoy. “So appreciative of the relationship that we have with the staff there. We talk often. Touch base about staff that are in quarantine, students that are in quarantine or in isolation. When can they return?”

Communication, both internal and external, has been and remains a key ingredient for officials as they navigate towards the end of 2020.

“We’ll continue what we’re doing,” Bryant said. “Monitoring closely. Trying to provide the correct and appropriate answer to parents’ inquiries. Whatever spectrum that may be for the parents, they deserve that. So we’re always going to do that. We’ll just continue to stay professional, stay the course and try to do what’s best for all of the students.”

The Greenbrier County Board of Education is hopeful that it will be able to maintain in person learning until winter break.

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