Greenbrier County makes absentee ballots more accessible for November 3rd elections

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – Greenbrier County is preparing for the general elections on November 3rd.

In an abnormal year, there is one important change that will take place that’s different from the spring. The county is making absentee ballots more available to its residents.

“What we have done differently, of course in the spring, they sent out those cards, and anybody could send a card in and get an absentee,” said Greenbrier County Commission President Lowell Rose. “Now, you just call in and get an absentee like you always would, but you can get them for any reason. It used to be you had to be in the service, the hospital, nursing home, or some reason you had to have them. But now, anybody can request to get them, but they are absentee.”

Rose added that it will be convenient for elderly people to not have to risk COVID by having the option to acquire an absentee ballot.

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