Governor Justice says that he continues to urge Senate to pass his tax cut plan

Justice Tax Plan

CHARLESTON, WV (WOAY) – Governor Justice’s 10% tax cut plan went up for debate yesterday as soon as the Legislative session commenced.

While the plan is looking good for passage in the House, the Senate remains hesitant. Justice says he plans to continue to work with the Senate to consider the plan.

He says that it’s a better alternative to their base-build-to-budget plan that could cause the control to be taken out of the individual county’s hands. He also says that his plan would only bring more growth to the Mountain State.

“If we can get on a pathway to eliminating our personal income tax, it will bring more and more growth to West Virginia and it will be growth off the chart,” says Justice. “Look where we are located, to get to a state that has no income tax you gotta drive through us. We’re located within a rock’s throw of two-thirds of the people of this country.”

However, taxes seemed to play a beneficial role in this past fiscal year. It was announced by the Cabinet Secretary for the West Virginia Department of Revenue, Dave Hardy, that the state’s fiscal year was up over $1.07 billion, money that he says was able to be generated through state taxes.

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