Governor Justice announces statewide Quail Stocking Initiative

Alum Creek, WV (WOAY) – Governor Jim Justice announced an initiative to stock Bobwhite Quail at Wildlife Management Areas across West Virginia. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) will stock over 20,000 birds at Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) statewide through the initiative. The Northern Bobwhite Quail is a native species in West Virginia and was once prevalent in the area. However, the population swiftly declined after the winters of 1977-1979.

DNR has stocked over 12,000 Bobwhite Quail and will continue stocking from August through October as weather and habitat conditions permit. Wildlife experts will monitor some of the Quails using transmitters. Additionally, game cameras are in several locations in the park to further study survival and habitat use.

Bobwhite Quail have been stocked at the following locations:

  • Burnsville Lake Wildlife Management Area
  • Cross Creek Wildlife Management Area
  • Frozen Camp Wildlife Management Area
  • Greenbrier State Forest
  • Huttonsville State Farm Wildlife Management Area
  • Laurel Lake Wildlife Management Area
  • Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area

To learn more about the state’s conservation efforts, WMAs, and other natural and scenic areas in West Virginia, visit


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