Glades Springs Resort’s annual Fright Before Christmas is back to Haunt!

DANIELS, WV (WOAY)- Just when you thought the spooky season was over, Glade Springs Resort brings their own nightmare before Christmas. They are hosting their annual fright before Christmas haunted house. They do this as an extension of their Halloween Fright Nights. Their event was actually featured on the Travel Channel’s top 10 scariest Christmas haunts.

But what can those expect at this merry haunt?

“Fright night is the top-rated haunted house in the state. We’ve I think the last three years we’ve been top rated by all the national haunt reviewers as well as the scary, scariest haunted house in the state,” explained Ashley Long, Creative director at Glade Springs. “But when we do our Christmas event, we think it’s even scarier because we’re putting all these extra elements a detail into our haunted house that makes it like nothing else.”

But with that Long warns about who to bring.

“So, if your child believes don’t bring them to this event, this is very much for our older population. It’s a lot of fun, but it can get pretty scary,” warns Long.

And for their audience 21 years and older… They are bringing back their Krampus crawl where you can bar hop to their various hidden bars. But be warned, you only have a few chances to catch this.

“It is a very popular event and it’s only here for two nights. So, if you don’t get to come this year, you’re going to miss out,” said Long.

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