Get Your Ex’s Name Written in a Litterbox

New river animal rescue is taking things up a notch this valentine’s day by offering a new fundraiser.

“We have a Valentine’s Day fundraiser coming up and we’re really excited about it. You can donate $10 and we will write the name of your ex on the bottom of one of our cats litterboxes and we’ll let the cat do-do the rest,” Aleah Denny, president of New River Animal Rescue.

To get your ex’s name in the box, donations must be ten dollars or more, and every dollar goes directly back to the animals.

“The money goes to running our facility. Not only do we have all of our bills, electricity, water, paying the salaries of our employees but also vaccinating the animals, getting the animals fixed, food, general care, repairs, van maintenance, any emergency medical bills, and yeah there’s a lot of money required in saving animals,” Denny said.

If you want to see that name you can’t stomach in its proper place, grab $10 and head over to New River Animal Rescue in Oak Hill.

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