Get to know newest member of Fayette County Sheriff’s Department Deputy: K-9 Nala

K-9’s are an integral part of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and they recently welcomed their newest member — a chocolate brown German shorthaired pointer.

Deputy K-9 Nala is originally from Hungary but the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department got her from Shallow Creek Kennels in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

“She was there for six weeks prior to me training, and me and her trained together for four weeks, said her handler, Corporal Josh Wickline. “They are a locating tool, that is their main priority — she can basically do a little bit of everything that we need her to.”

This highly trained special K-9 Nala is ready to assist the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department with tracking, article search and narcotics detection.

The K-9’s are the departments eyes and ears… Nala can track a missing person, a runaway juvenile…

“Traffic stops, finding illegal narcotics we can do that and article search — is basically someone would run from us or something and drop some sort of a weapon, illegal drugs, she can also search and find that,” the corporal said.

According to Wickline, the K-9’s are full deputy officers just like they are.

“Pretty much are with their handlers 24-7, stay with us at home, we have outside kennels built for ’em, and that’s where they live. And of course anytime we’re working, they’re with us,” he said.

Wickline says he’s most looking forward to training with Nala… because they’re going to be doing a lot of training.

“The four weeks we spent at Shallow Creek in Pennsylvania was extremely hard but it was rewarding,” he said. “It felt really good to get certified and get her certificate and be able to come back home.”

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