Gary water pump being custom-made in Mississippi

GARY, WV (WOAY) – The Gary water crisis is expected to last until a new water pump is installed. The new pump is currently being made in Mississippi. 

The town ordered a new pump with emergency funding they were granted, and it’s being custom-made out of state.

Gary officials say the company in Mississippi jumped their construction request to the top of the waiting list in order to get the water crisis under control as soon as possible. 

“That company stopped production on all non-emergency pumps and jumped our pump to the front of the line, or else we would’ve waited a month. So instead it’s gonna be seven days,” said Gary Police Chief S.P. McKinney. 

The pump is being purchased through BucKhannon Pumps, but because it needs to be specially designed, it has to be made out of state. It’s expected to be finished and transported to Gary sometime within the next week.

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