Former Greenbrier Valley Airport employee speaks out after complaints he filed was denied

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – A former Greenbrier Valley Airport employee is speaking out after complaints he filed in May are now being denied.

The former Director of Greenbrier Valley Airport, Stephen Snyder filed a 20-page document with the Federal Aviation Administration accusing the airport of misusing funds and now those claims are being denied by airport board members. 

“Deborah Phillips the new airport authority Chairman, she said in fact that many of these things did not happen, or the evidence was not there to support them, or the evidence did not exist. This here is a very very small portion of things that happened,” Snyder said while holding a stack of papers. 

Snyder says The FAA opened an non-criminal investigation against the airport. Recently, he received a statement from the FAA stating airport board members responded to the allegations and denied all claims. Snyder says he has substantial amounts of evidence to support his claims.

“In GCAA’s response to the FAA, one of the allegations was that fuel from the airport was used for the personal use  and we could not verify all the receipts for the fuel dispense. Chairman Deborah Phillips said this never happened and that is fails,”

Snyder said his claims are currently being investigated by the FAA.




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