Food banks continue to operate despite issues with pandemic and low donations

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – As the pandemic goes on and some communities struggle with food insecurity, some food banks are finding it difficult to stay stocked. 

As well, due to the governor’s executive orders, food banks now need to operate in a takeout manner. Where people come and go with as little contact as possible, making paper products a necessity for many food pantries.

Kathy Ofner, the food coordinator at the Carpenter’s Corner, a local business operating as a food pantry, says that she thinks it’s still important to give out what they can, even if it’s now more difficult. 

“So many of the food banks are closed and we’re here. We’re doing just like the restaurants. We have to do takeouts. We can’t allow anyone in our buildings but we’re doing takeouts,” she said. 

The Carpenter’s Corner is looking for donations primarily in the form of packaged goods, paper products and bottled water. 

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