First-ever bike rally held at Hidden Valley Golf Course

GLEN DANIEL, WV (WOAY)- Bikers are revving up and rolling in for the first-annual Rally in the Valley at Hidden Valley Golf Course in Glen Daniel to take part in an event-filled weekend of bike contests and events, and a chance to unite with fellow bikers from around the region.

“What brought it about was we had a mud bog at the beginning of the season and we had all of these bikers that came, they brought their grandkids, their families,” says Rhonda Calloway, Co-Owner of Hidden Valley Golf Course. “They loved our land and approached us with this idea and we were like let’s give it a try!”

Lots of biker groups are expected to ride out to the event, promoting their organizations, showing off their rides, and having a great time. Among them is the Avengers out of Beckley, who are looking forward to what this first-ever rally at the course will have in store.

“It should be a lot of fun! Closing down on the summer it’s a really good event to come out to just to end the summer and have a little bit of fun,” Kitty Dobson says, a supporter of the Avengers biker group.

Along with selling beer, t-shirts, and doing general promotion of their groups, the event will also be a good way for the bikers to swap bike parts and stories, and to simply come together in celebration of a mutual love– motorcycles.

“I’m thankful that we are able to provide this for people, there’s a lot of people who have reached out to us, a lot of people are coming, and a lot of them are happy to just have one more event for the year,” adds Calloway.

Dirt bike jumps, weenie bike races, and a bike show are just a few of the bike-related events planned to take place over this inaugural weekend rally. And, apart from the many bike events that will be taking place at Hidden Valley over the weekend, the rally will also be host to a couple of live bands and plenty of vendors.

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