First Annual Royal Rumble Held at Camp Royal

GLEN JEAN, WV (WOAY) – The first annual Royal Rumble dropped into Camp Royal this weekend.

The rumble is a mountain bike slopestyle contest that features forty of the world’s best riders going head to head.

“We are so excited to be hosting the first United States-based slopestyle event in the US which is freestyle mountain biking,” said Founder and President of Camp Royal Brandon Heidemann. “So you have the big drops, big jumps, backflips, twists. I mean, these guys are nuts and are a blast to watch. But the best in the world pushing the limits right here in our backyard.”

And in case the tricks weren’t pressure enough, the event was also judged by two of the world’s top slopestyle riders.

However, to help the next generation of freestyle riders learn the tips and tricks to compete at this level, Camp Royal offers summer camps and after-school programs.

“They have opportunities to be able to learn new stuff as well as sharpen some of the other skills for those that concentrate specifically on a certain area of activity,” said Program Manager and Outreach Coordinator at Camp Royal Timothy Davis. “Other than that they just come here to have fun.”

The camps and after-school programs are coached by the professional riders themselves which means the kids get the opportunity to not only meet some of their idols but also learn what makes them the best of the best.

“Honestly I personally would rather my kids learn from a professional in a controlled environment than go to a skate park and try to figure it out on their own,” Heidemann said. “It’s a good way to introduce kids that have never been involved in these sports to the mountain biking, the scootering, the BMX, the skateboarding and it’s just a blast. The tribe or the community that starts to come together is really special.”

It’s that community that both organizers and athletes agree will bring them back to the area year after year.

For more information on the Camp Royal summer camps, after-school programs, and their scholarship opportunities visit the Camp Royal website.

You can also volunteer with Camp Royal, if interested contact Timothy Davis at

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