Few Downpours Then Dry; What About September?

Oak Hill, WV (WOAY-TV): Downpours will trigger a few areas of flooding Tuesday but then high pressure will bring a stretch of dry weather. How does September look?

This week’s downpours is the rain we didn’t see about two weeks ago. It’s the historical peak of the hurricane season. So are we going to continue this trend of lots of rain? Let’s take you through our forecast and a look across the nation.

First of all, as we take a look at the temperature anomaly forecast. What we see is the northwest starts out warm and then trends cooler. It will likely be warm for most of the plains hot and Texas and our part of the country. It’ll be relatively warm and just mild in Florida. Now, as we look at the rainfall forecast, we do expect to dry out a bit in September across much of the mid-Atlantic, including our region.

The East Coast will see more rain than average, but most of the nation’s midsection will be dry.

As for rainfall, we don’t see any contribution from tropical systems here in southern West Virginia. Instead, occasional cold fronts will provide showers. But the threat for thunder really does rapidly diminish once we get into September. So, the bottom line is we have a warm month. Most of that due to the heating of the day. Overnight lows won’t be too bad.

So we’ll have quite a dichotomy in temperatures from the warm daytimes to the near average to slightly cooler than average overnight lows and likely drier than average in September.


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