FEMA faces criticism for response as flood death count grows

Frankfort, KY (AP) – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is facing criticism from Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear for the agency’s response to the Eastern Kentucky Flood crisis. Governor Beshear accuses FEMA of denying several requests for assistance in the flood-ravaged Appalachian communities and urges declined applicants to contact regional agency representatives directly.

While Beshear states he does not yet have figures displaying the percentage of denied aid applications, FEMA has pledged to report those numbers and the reasons the applications were denied.

The death toll as a result of the floods has risen to 39. Additionally, the American Red Cross estimates the flood damage resulted in over 4,000 residents being displaced.

FEMA has since responded to the criticism. In a quote from ABC News, FEMA Press Secretary Jeremy Edwards stated that the agency plans to be in the flood-stricken region “as long as it takes” to help Kentuckians recover.

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