Feature: Concord basketball player overcomes multiple ACL tears

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – Since first picking up a basketball, Alexis Phillips dreamed of playing at the college level. But every step along the way, the odds became more stacked against her. Before her junior year of high school at Pulaski County in Virginia, she suffered a torn ACL. 

“I was obviously really nervous, because not many colleges want somebody that just recently blew their knee out,” said Phillips. 

Her comeback became even harder when she found out she had a cyclops lesion in the knee, which prevented her from regaining strength in her quad. She had the lesion removed and was cleared to play, only to tear her ACL again in the first practice of her senior season.

Concord offered Alexis before her junior season. Three operations later, she thought they would back out of their commitment. But they remained true to their word and signed her in November, 2017. 

“Injuries are part of the game,” said head coach Kenny Osborne. “We made a commitment to the young lady and I felt it was my due diligence to give it to her. She’s done everything we’ve asked of her. So, that’s why we honored the commitment.” 

In an ideal world, her college career would’ve begun without a hitch. But her journey has been anything but perfect. Upon arriving at Concord, she suffered a torn meniscus and had to redshirt her freshman year. But over the last two seasons, she’s become a solid contributor, even starting in four games this season.

Next up, Phillips and Concord travel to take on Wheeling on Monday night.

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