FDA warns of a short term EpiPen shortage

MACON, G.A.- The Federal Food and Drug Administration has warned about a short term EpiPen shortage. The shortage comes from a lack of tools to manufacture the life saving drug. This has parents and people who use EpiPens concerned.


Lilliana Harte is allergic to shellfish, and her son is allergic to fin fish. She said it’s a scary feeling when your throat closes up.


“It’s not a fun feeling when you can’t breathe like that, and it’s very life-threatening,” said Harte.


She’s worried she won’t be able to purchase an EpiPen because of the shortage. Epinephrine is the drug that helps people with severe allergies. Pharmacist at Navicent Health Christopher Doll said it’s a manufacturing shortage.


“They’re having some issues, as far as I understand getting some of the products they need to actually make the EpiPen,” said Doll.


Doll said parents don’t need to be worried though.


“They’re not completely out of stock, pharmacies are sometimes having a difficult time finding them and getting them reordered there are not that many out there,” said Doll.


Belinda Byars said her daughter Emma has a deadly allergy to sweet potatoes.


“Because her allergy requires that both of the EpiPens be used if the first one doesn’t work then we have to administer the other one,” said Byars.


Byars said luckily they haven’t had to use it, but they do have to replace the drug when it expires.


“I mean they really need to figure out this EpiPen because it’s life-threatening,” said Byars.


If you’re having trouble finding an EpiPen call your local pharmacies, and then if you’re having trouble after that call EpiPen the company, and they’ll assist you in finding one.

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