FDA reports 82 confirmed illnesses linked to recalled applesauce pouches

Oak Hill, WV (CNN) –  A Food and Drug Administration(FDA) official has told Politico that the lead contamination in the applesauce pouches may have been intentional, and the administration aims to hold those responsible accountable.  

In an inspection conducted in an Austrofoods facility in Ecuador, the FDA found lead levels in cinnamon over two thousand times higher than the proposed standards. 

However, the company Negasmart supplied the contaminated cinnamon.

The FDA has received 82 confirmed reports of illnesses linked to high lead levels in the pouches. 

Most of the consumers impacted are very young, but adults up to age of 53 have been affected. 

The recalled pouches in the United States are under the Wanabana, Weis, and Schnucks brands. 


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