Fayetteville nominated for best adventure town

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Fayetteville was nominated as one of the best adventure towns of 2020 by West Virginia Living Magazine.

Fayetteville has been nominated before and many of the restaurants are nominated each year for various accolades. The town offers visitors recreational activities in addition to the numerous restaurants and local businesses. The mayor said the town is honored to be nominated.

“We usually do a really good job with either our trail system, with the National Park Service, also with the restaurants, like I said they are always noted in different things that West Virginia living does,” said Mayor Sharon Cruikshank. “They are a great magazine and like I say they focus on different communities throughout West Virginia, so it’s really an honor to be nominated among your peers.”

Congratulations to Fayetteville on their nomination.

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