Fayetteville business honors Labor Day with outdoor adventures

It’s a time to celebrate American laborers and all their achievements.

Labor Day dates back to the 19th Century when we saw the push to honor the American Labor Movement and all the workers who have contributed to its growth.

“I think it’s super beneficial to get out in nature… get back out, do adventures — go out and recreate with your family, friends, all that type of stuff,” said Rob Carpinelli, Ace Adventure Gear manager. “It’s a good break from work. I know for me myself personally I’d love to be out playing around today, beautiful weather around town. Good way to refresh for the rest of the work year heading into the fall.”

Do you want to kick back and do something chill on Labor Day, then look no further than Ace Adventure Gear.

They do rentals and demoes and can always give recommendations of trails in the area.

“We sell kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, anything camping/hiking related, footwear,” Carpinelli said. “Definitely a good place to stop in if you’re looking to pick up some outdoor gears.”

Rob is a Virginia native new to Fayetteville and says it couldn’t get better than this on Labor Day or any other day.

“Something that I have a strong passion for, white water kayaking; really enjoy chasing that,” said the outdoor adventurer. “I argue it’s the best area in the country for paddle sports-related stuff, especially white water kayaking. I can go out and paddle 365 days a year if I could.”

If you still have time, rent a kayak and head out to Summersville Lake.

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