Fayette County Sheriff’s Department assists in drug bust

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Yesterday the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department assisted in the take down of a drug trafficking organization responsible for distribution in Kanawha and Fayette Counties.

The Sheriff’s Department combines with police departments in Oak Hill, Fayetteville and Summersville, and the Nicholas County Sheriff’s Department on a task force ran by the West Virginia State Police. The indictments of those charged were handled at the federal level.

“The important thing about this is, the US Attorney even said this, Mr. Stewart and other agencies talk about this,” said Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley. “If you want help, we ask you to reach out to us and we can help you, either us or your health department, to get you into rehab. If you’re not going to reach out, and you don’t want help, you could be one of the ones that get arrested. And that’s part of it. You’ve got to help the people that want the help with addiction stuff. Again, if you’re dealing drugs in Fayette County, we’re going to get you, and you’re going to go to jail.”

Fridley added that the Sheriff’s Department divides Fayette County into three areas to cover. On this bust, the focus was the Valley District.

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