Fayette County Schools announces Summer Food Service Program

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – All Fayette County children ages 18 years and under have the chance to receive consistent breakfast and lunch this summer.

Fayette County Schools announces the sponsorship of its federally funded Summer Food Service Program.

“Kids need a good nutritious meal to play hard, to study and learn during summer school,” said Fayette County Schools’ Child Nutrition Director Andrew Pense. “We’re excited to provide open summer meal service sites.”

Seven Fayette County schools will serve as distribution sites for the meals. Pense emphasizes that nutritious meals are essential for children to learn and remain active, even while on vacation.

“When kids show up at one of our sites, they get a free meal,” Pense said. “It’s free.”

Pense says that last year, children received “go bags” in order to accommodate for COVID-19. For the coming summer, cafeterias will be open for in person eating.

“This year we’re going back to traditional trays,” Pense said. “Of course, there’s still going to be social distancing protocol and guidelines followed, but kids are going to be able to eat in our cafeterias.”

Pense feels the summer feeding program is a great way for Fayette County Schools to support its students year-round. The students may be on summer vacation, but hunger certainly isn’t.

“We’re definitely trying to provide an accessible meal for all of the kids in the county,” Pense said.

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