Fayette County renames Voter Registration Office

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – The Fayette County Voter Registration Office is changing its name to the Elections Office.

The name change was done to better encompass the work that the office is responsible for. Along with the office name change a title change was done for the deputy clerk and voter registrar Sara Tucker by making her the elections clerk. These changes come as a response to the increase in complexity of elections.

“They have just gotten so much more complex in the last several years,” said Fayette County Clerk Michelle Holly. “Especially, everyone saw how 2020 the election ran which ours was very clean and fair and great, but there were issues in other places and things. It’s just really important that we have an office dedicated to that portion of what the county clerk does.”

The office will still preform all of the tasks it did before under the new name.

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