Fayette County remembers 22nd anniversary of 9-11

More than two decades later and 9/11 is still in our hearts and minds…

Twenty-two years have passed since that devastating day, but we will never forget Sept 11th. The 9/11 Memorial Committee of Fayette County is ensuring they honor all those who were lost.

Local first responders left Fayette County on September 12 to go to Ground Zero and were there for six weeks. Some came home, went back. They honor the 14, read their names and light candles. Three have since passed due to 9/11-related illness.

“We also have a flag that Fayette County JROTC will unfold; it takes 40 cadets,” said committee president Lisa Tanner. “It’s very moving to see it.”

Tanner calls this a time of healing… 9/11 showed the worst and best of humanity with people willing to help someone in need — didn’t matter the color of their skin, nationality or denomination.

“Couldn’t buy a flag because it was on back order, patriotism was at an all-time high, churches were filled, people were praying, that’s what we want to bring back,” she said. “We came together as a nation on the 11th of September. We have fallen away from that. What is it gonna take to bring us back?”

According to tanner, these yearly 9/11 tributes bring the community together and make the city proud. You can expect music, prayer and a memory walk (two by two around the Lewis Center) in remembrance of the twin towers.

“Even though it’s such a tragedy; we cannot forget those 3,000 plus,” said Tanner. “There was good things to come out of it and that’s our goal — is to remember the good things.”

Tonight’s tribute at the Lewis Community Christian Center, 469 Central Avenue in Oak Hill kicks off at 7pm.

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