Fayette County Humane Society Faces Code Red

FAYETTE (WOAY) — The Fayette County Humane Society is facing a code red, meaning that they are completely full and do not have space for any more animals.

“Right now we’re over capacity. We are about 15% over capacity. Every single cage in the shelter is filled,” said Fallyn Wakefield, executive director at the Fayette County Humane Society.

Being at max capacity, the shelter is unable to take in any new dogs. Historically, the shelter has been a place that you could bring dogs without homes to, and now because of the code red, the shelter can no longer do that.

Some things that people can do to help them is by donating time or money to these animals. The foster program along with the dog for a day program help to relieve lots of stress from both the dogs and the employees.

From now until Valentine’s Day, the shelter has even lowered fees for $45 for unfixed animals and $20 for fixed animals.

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