Fayette County fixes mistake on ballots

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – A Fayette County candidate is voicing her concerns after potential errors were discovered on the Fayette County absentee ballot. The Fayette County Clerk’s office is admitting today there was a printing error.

Fayette County Clerk Candidate Michelle Holly raises questions about the accuracy of the absentee ballot. It was brought to her attention that the application contained incorrect information.

“Its state code if there are mistakes or errors on the ballot that if there’s enough to cause confusion its needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, one has been found that will need to be corrected,” said Holly.

According to Holly the ballot was sent out on the wrong date and contained numerous errors. Fayette County Clerk Alicia Treadway says there was one misspelled word and they will soon start mailing out a corrected ballot.

“As the County Clerk, we have stopped the process and fixed it and has continued on with the correction. Everybody that voted Democrat during a period of time will get another ballot,” said Treadway.

“In a situation like that, there is a corrective measure so the correct information can be put on the ballot. The ballot is sent back out with a letter explaining to people that there was a mistake on the original ballot. So yes that is a process that is covered by the state code and that’s being followed in this situation,” said Mac Warner West Virginia Secretary of State.

The County Clerk’s office said it was the printing company’s fault. According to Treadway, the printing company is taking full responsibility for any wrongdoing by printing new ballots on their dime.

“Things like this can happen, and this is where when you’re in charge when you find the mistake and you take care of it. There will be a letter coming with the second ballot so you know that it is legit. It is not something that you will be voting twice because your vote will go through once,” said Treadway.

If you do receive two ballots, both must be returned. The incorrect ballot will be spoiled, and the correct will be counted.

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