Fayette County completes canvass

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – While Election Day is over, some voters may be wondering how their votes are counted and when the final results in Fayette County will be available.

Fayette County Commissioners opened up canvassing Monday. Canvassing is a procedure that happens after every election.

“We go through those and we have the canvas board and determine if each ballot needs to be counted,” Fayette County Clerk Alisha Treadway said.

According to Treadway, the most common mistake is voters going to the wrong precinct. At the canvas a team of elected officials reviewed the paperwork in all 37 precincts in Fayette County to certified the results. 

“People do need to make sure that they are going to the correct precincts because that could in the future affect them.”

The voters with challenged ballots will be notified. At the end of the canvas, candidates have 48 hours to request a recount. 

“Canvass today was a success, early voting was a success, the absentee process was a success,” Treadway said.  

For more information on canvass, contact your local county commission office.

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