Fayette County Commission Renews Lease With Fayette Gun Club

The Fayette County Commission voted unanimously to approve the renewal of the Fayette Gun Club’s lease in their first meeting of the year.

“Well, today’s meeting was our first regular meeting of the year. At our first regular meeting of the year, we decide who’s going to be the commission president for the next year. We decide who’s going to serve on which committees. We only made one change in all of that,” Allison Taylor, a Fayette County Commissioner said.

The only change is that Commissioner Luisos will continue to be the commission president but will give up his seat on the board for the regional development authority board and Allison Taylor will take his place, and this is because it was agreed that there might be a conflict of interest.

One of the biggest decisions made in the meeting had to do with the Fayette Gun Club.

The main issues that the gun club’s lease renewal were concerns about where missed shots were landing, the need for a range for the sheriff’s department, and it not being completely free even though it fell on taxpayer land.

“Those were my three concerns going into it and they all three were solved, so today we voted to continue the lease with the gun club,” Taylor said.

All members of the commission went out to the site to make a proper decision and get a full and accurate understanding of the situation before they made a decision.

Having a mixed-use recreation area such as the park and gun club in Fayette County is a true blessing for many, as it gives residents safe access to the outdoors in whatever way they choose.

The gun club could not be more happy and satisfied with the commission for doing their due diligence to find the best option for everyone.

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