Executive Director Megan Legursky talks on leaving United Way

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The United Way of Southern West Virginia has recently announced that their Executive Director Megan Legursky is resigning.

Legursky entered the position back in November of 2019 after the previous director Michelle Rotellini resigned. Now Legursky is planning to leave the position, saying she wants to focus on her family. 

“I’m taking so much with me, I’ve learned so much from all the experiences this year. And I appreciate the community support that I’ve received from all aspects. From donors, to community partners, to the media, to our volunteers. I’ve loved everything. It’s just very clear to me at this moment in life to prioritize my family’s needs at this moment,” Legursky said. 

However, Legursky is still with the United Way for now and is still acting as Executive Director. She plans to wait until the United Way has found a replacement and she gets appropriate time to help with the transition.

“I’ve let my board know and our board chairman that I am here, I’m not running away. I’d like to be here as long as it takes to find that special person to lead our United Way of Southern West Virginia into the future. And I want to hang around and help them develop that solid understanding and foundation of our United Way before I officially transition out.”

Although the transition will soon happen, the United Way is still acting normally as a community partner. While they search for a new executive director, they will continue to strive for their mission of improving the lives of people in Southern West Virginia. 

The United Way plans to meet in the very near future and begin the search for a new director.

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