EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour Stops in Summersville

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): The holiday spirit was alive in Summersville when the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree tour stopped there on Sunday. We are following the 2023 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree tour. Our first stop, Summersville.

Sophia Nutter from Summersville, W.Va., reacted to the tree. “It’s amazing. It’s like it’s beautiful and I just love it. It was a packed house, standing room only to see the US Capitol Christmas Tree tour as it stopped in Summersville on Sunday.”

Girl Scout Troop 10404 from Nicholas County/Mount Nebo produced ornaments that are on the tree. The troop leader said, “We can actually see one of them right here, but ten that has the cattle on it. One of our girls actually made that up. So we are really excited to be here and to see the tree and to see the work that these girls have put into it.”

We even got a special visitor from the North Pole. Santa and Mrs. Claus said, “I love it. We drove here from the North Pole. We couldn’t believe it. Isn’t it gorgeous? From West Virginia? Yes, it really is. I love it. Wonderful.”

And you know what really puts the icing on the cake? Even if you didn’t make an ornament for the Capitol Christmas tree, you can sign the banner that’s on the truck taking the Christmas tree through the different tour stops in our state and then the US Capitol lawn. By signing the banner you can be part of this historical moment.

When you visit one of these tour stops, you get into this Christmas euphoria. You get to sit in Santa’s sleigh, maybe eat some cookies and listen to music and all kinds of things that come with the Christmas spirit. And stay tuned. We will be in Beckley as the US Capitol Christmas Tree tour makes it stop in Raleigh County on Tuesday morning.

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