Employees get locked out of work amid labor dispute

UNION, WV (WOAY) – Around 250 employees at Collins Aerospace in Union, West Virginia found themselves locked out of work early Monday, May 23.

The workers could now be out of jobs for some time as there is still no word on when the lockout will end.

The aerospace manufacturing company has had a location in the state for over 50 years, some of the workers being a part of the company for more than 40 of them. Now, many of them face conflict over what is going to happen next.

The lockout was allegedly over a labor dispute after the company did not make a new agreement on a contract. The employees are part of the United Steel Workers of America group post-1449.

The company is now apparently in negotiations with the workers to come up with a new contract. While the employees were unable to talk on camera, they want the public to know that they are not on strike.

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