Dynamic Midweek Promises Everything But Kitchen Sink

WOAY-TV (Oak Hill, WV): One or two more thunder rumbles and rain will push through this evening and temperatures will rise into the 60s.


10 PM TONIGHT-3 AM WEDNESDAY: Temperatures push into the 60s behind the warm front with a SW wind increasing to 15 mph.

3 AM TO 2 PM: Temperatures reach near 72 degrees with a Southwest wind at 15 mph.

2 TO 6 PM: A half to one inch of rain falls in a two hour window and winds increase with gusts 40-45 mph, except 50-55 mph above 3,000 feet. Power outages, flooding and scattered damage likely.

6 PM TO MIDNIGHT: Gusts drop back to 25-30 mph and temperatures drop into the upper 20s. Standing water in sheltered spots freeze. Snowshoe and western Pocahontas County accumulate an inch of snow.

MIDNIGHT TO 6 AM: Temperatures drop to near 20 degrees with gusts dropping to 15 mph. Icy patches likely away from main thoroughfares.

Upcoming Pattern: Temperatures resume a warming trend on Friday through next week. Rain likely late Friday into daybreak Saturday and again late Monday.

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