Dunlap shares his thoughts on close race

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Robert Dunlap won Beckley Ward 3 City Council over incumbent Frank Williams by a single vote according to the unofficial results.

“I didn’t go to any parties, nor I didn’t go to the courthouse and wait it out. I was working in my ward doing renovations, and someone messaged me and said, it’s really going to be to close to call, and then I said what are the votes, and they told me that you’re up by one,” said Dunlap.

Even though the victory is sweet, Dunlap says he cannot celebrate until all absentee ballots are taken into consideration.

“The race was close for a lot of reasons; there are folks happy with the status quo and with the work Williams has done for decades. Don’t get me wrong; he was on the human rights commission. He’s a reputable and respected African American man and their value for putting diversity in places of government, in my opinion. Still, we have to balance that the people are ready for something different,” said Dunlap.

Dunlap secured 40 percent of voters with 293 votes. He wants to use this example to reminded everyone that every vote counts.

“If there ever was a time when you’re vote counts, the person in East Park that feels like you’re not being heard, don’t say that this is a machine and you don’t have input, two votes could’ve made all the differences of the world,” said Dunlap.

All votes and re-counts will be official by Monday.

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