Dreamy new Steele Magnolia’s Beauty Parlor opens in Crab Orchard

Find a gifted hairstylist who uses their creative artistry to transform you into the vision of your dreams.

Crab Orchard’s new Steele Magnolia’s Beauty Parlor calls itself a shop of many colors, and they are thrilled to help clients look and feel ‘like a million bucks.’

Opening up her new salon is everything for owner Sheila Riffe, who started doing hair in 1981, previously owned her own salons and loves the craft.

“Last several years this was just a dream that I wanted to go bigger and I wanted to help other ladies to succeed with what their dreams were,” Riffe said.

Moving to Beckley from Wyoming County 10 years ago — Sheila says it’s a great place to be for a small business owner.

“I can come and go as I please and that’s great because I am a nana and I just love being my own boss,” said the hairstylist.

For Sheila, it’s all in the family.

“My mother was a hairstylist; it’s me now and then actually my granddaughter is working here too,” Riffe said. “So there’s three generations and I love that.”

At Steele Magnolia’s Beauty Parlor, they know the importance of teamwork and growth.

“That all of my girls can succeed in life the way I have; I’ve truly been blessed,” said the hairstylist.

They offer a variety of services (starting with hair).

“We have nails, pedis, permanent makeup, teeth whitening, microblading brows. We also will be doing hair extensions and the lashes.”

Having that peaceful ‘me’ time in the chair allows you to connect with your hairstylist.

“I can touch people not only in their beauty way,” Riffe said. “We’re more than hairstylists — we get talked to, we get cried to, we cry with them and I love that. I love that we get a one-on-one with our ladies to help them as well as they help us.”

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