DOH has been using less salt this winter

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) -Due to this year’s mild winter, the Division of Highways has been using less salt on the roads.

Each year, counties spend a large amount of money to salt the roads, with it being a milder winter compared to previous years you might wonder how much money the county saved. Due to them being in a contract with the salt manufacturer the answer is nothing. The DOH is required to spend the same amount of money regardless if it’s an active winter season or not.

“I guess its a good thing because it actually helps, the roads don’t fall apart as fast without the salt getting in the cracks of the road,” said DOH Administrator John Dixon.

Although there’s less salt being used this winter, there’s also some positive aspects, salt deteriorates the roads quicker, so using less salt makes them easier to maintain.

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