Disc golf course opens at Stephens Lake in Raleigh County

A new disc golf course at Stephens Lake is open to the public after a ribbon-cutting ceremony today.

“Today is a momentous occasion because this is a project that we have been working on since 2019,” Molly Williams, director of parks and recreation in Raleigh County, said.

It’s been a long time coming. The 18 hole course overlooking Stephens Lake has dealt with delays due in part to Covid.

“Every time we were ready to move to the next step we ran into another hurdle. Whether it was to be able to go to the businesses to get sponsorships, or when we went to buy lumber, the price of lumber skyrocketed, so every step of the way it was though,” Williams said.

The course was designed by Ryan Shumate and takes advantage of the park’s landscape.

“Incorporating different shots and different things, we wanted to show off this beautiful property as best as we could,” Shumate said.

Each hole of the course has different tees. The baskets can also be moved to change the course.

“It’s on the more difficult side of courses. There are some courses around here for beginners and introductory levels, and we do have a second set of tees that are more for introductory players. But we have a different set of tees that are more challenging for advanced and professional players,” Shumate said.

The course is already being used. A tournament is slated for June 10th.

“We have lots of feedback already. We’ve got over 200 plays just this month and it’s ranked within the top courses in the state and it’s actually ranked the top three course in the state of West Virginia at this time,” Williams said.


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