Derrick Evans for US Congress makes Beckley stop to meet supporters

America First, securing the border, national debt and much more are just some of the issues on Derrick Evans’ platform for the United States Congress.

He says he’s not running to make friends or play ‘pattycake’ politics.

The one promise Evans does make to the people is that he can kick in the front door and expose DC corruption.

According to Evans, he never had any desire to run for federal office until the deep state came to his home in West Virginia.

“Ripped me away from my wife and children, threw me in prison, and drug us into the middle of a swamp. When you’re in the middle of the swamp the only option is to fight your way back out,” said the congressional candidate. “I wanted to run to really take this battle to their front door the same way they brought it to mine.”

Monroe County resident Ronald Thomas Sawyer was there in a show of support because he likes what the former lawmaker has to say when it comes to protecting us and what he calls righting America’s wrongs.

“I just come down to talk to him about some of the stuff I think’s wrong,” said Sawyer. “And so far he’s agreed with me with what we’re talking about: We need to bring America back.”

He’s the former West Virginia lawmaker involved with the US Capitol riot, and now Evans says he’s fighting for America’s future as a congressional candidate in the First District.

Evans said in a perfect world he would not only defund but abolish unconstitutional three-letter agencies.

“That are being ran by unelected bureaucrats with no accountability,” he said. “Return the power back to the states, back to the local communities, back to you and me and we the people — where it belongs and where there’s accountability.”

Sawyer wants to help his kids and grandkids change the narrative and address what he says has been taken from us.

“I want to get these guys out ’cause these Democrats are terrible. They just don’t like America,” the Peterstown resident said. “I want to help Mr. Evans out wherever I can — if I have to knock on doors or put out signs.”

People remember Evans as the January 6th guy.

“The only elected official in the country to be arrested and thrown in prison for peacefully and patriotically protesting the stolen election,” said the congressional candidate. “And when the people are reminded that I’m the guy that actually had the courage to do that, I think it helps us. The American people and the people in southern West Virginia are looking for fighters.”

If Evans was in charge of West Virginia he said, “We’re gonna mine coal, build coal-fired plants, and supply our people with electricity coming from coal. You can try to stop us but you’re gonna be met with a bunch of hillbillies holding guns. That’s where we’re at right now as a country, as far as I’m concerned.”

“It would mean everything to me to represent the people of southern West Virginia on the national stage. I look forward to standing beside President Trump and beating the drum of freedom for not only Southern West Virginia but for every single god-fearing conservative across this country.”

Evans says he has great pride in being from Southern West Virginia.

“Salt of the earth people who want to live a simple life but we can’t do that when they are trying to ‘California’ our West Virginia.”


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