Demolition contractors awaiting final report on collapsed Beckley buildings

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The demolition of the buildings in the Walton building collapse has been underway since July.

The demolition contractors are awaiting the final demolition report, which will evaluate the structural stability of the Wells Fargo building, which suffered some damage early in the demolition process. The report will determine if the building as salvageable, allowing the contractors to proceed with the final steps of the demolition.

“There’s no real timeline on it,” said Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold. “Because it’s not virtually a brick at a time, but pretty close to that, it could another month before it’s totally down. Consequently, I would doubt that Main Street would open much before that.”

The other two buildings involved in the demolition are coming down piece by piece in order to prevent further movement of the remaining structures.

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