Defrosting windscreen tips

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – No driver wants to leave their warm house earlier to de-ice the car, but pouring hot water on the windscreen isn’t the answer. 

The extreme temperature change can crack or shatter the glass, so resorting to hot water to fix your frost issue simply isn’t worth the risk. Mike Fox with Bud Fox Towing says there are three easy ways to quickly and safely de-ice your car.  

“There are so many alternative ways to do it. One, let your car warm up appropriately and defrost appropriately. Two, buy a de-ice at your local auto store. Or if you want to be old-school you can get yourself some alcohol and a little bit of water and spray it on your windscreen and frost will come right off,” Fox said. 

Fox also recommends letting your car warm up  at least 10 minutes before driving.  

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