Daniel Hall has officially been sworn into the Raleigh County Commission

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY)—Daniel Hall has officially been sworn in as the temporary Raleigh County commissioner for District One. This comes after the passing of the commission’s former president, Dave Tolliver. Hall was appointed by the remaining commissioners to the position.

“We’re still very saddened by the loss of Dave Tolliver. He has big shoes to fill and has been here for years. He served the community, and to be able to fill that seat took a lot of took a lot of time and work. Appointing Daniel Hall made sense that he was on the ballot two years ago,” said Greg Duckworth, President of Raleigh County Commission. “There’s voters in Raleigh County that voted for him two years ago, and the Raleigh County Republican Executive Committee was tasked with appointing the Republican that would be on the ballot in November. So it only made sense to this commission to appoint the Republican to fill the republican seat, who will be on the ballot in November.”

The former state senator and delegate says he is ready to serve Raleigh County on a local level.

“The legislature sets laws and does state funding and things like that, but on the county level, you really get down in the weeds. The things that really affect day to day-to-day lives of Raleigh County citizens,” Hall said.

Hall plans on continuing the work Tolliver set in motion. He also wants to begin working on some new ideas to help Raleigh County.

“I think most people know, and you heard today, that we have water issues in Raleigh County, and Mr. Tolliver worked on those, in great detail and earnestly for many years, all the years he served, and so trying to get water, good quality water service to the different parts of the county, all parts of the county,” Hall said. “Of course, they did the fire levy. I was a supporter of that. Now that all of our fire departments have improved equipment that they were able to purchase with the levy, I want to continue that work to make sure that our citizens are protected in fire services. Maybe we can expand that to enhanced ambulance and EMS services. I think all those are important for a good quality of life.”

He will fill the position till the end of this term unless elected in November.

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