Dancing with the stars is back!

The 10th season of United Way’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ kicked off tonight at the Beckley Convention Center. For Tiffany Kapp, it’s a huge reward that you work towards but also a large undertaking you must be committed to when you sign up.

“You’re going to put your all into it to make sure that the United Way is receiving everything that they can out of this fundraiser ’cause this is their largest,” said Kapp, a 2022 DWST dancer.

Jeremy Hall agrees… helping out United Way goes a long way to assisting a lot of people in our community. As for dancing, he was a total amateur.

“Definitely a challenge; luckily we had a great choreographer who was very patient with me and really taught me what I needed to know,” said Hall, a 2023 DWTS dancer.

Tiffany had no prior dance experience, she just threw herself into it — but being a cheerleader most of her life definitely helped her pull it off, plus…

“A lot of practice, our choreographer yelled at us as well — time and dedication,” she said.

After all the hard work Jeremy put in, the CEO was happy to dance his heart out on the big stage.

“Kind of the culmination of that and exciting to finally be here,” he said.

Considering it was only 2022 when Tiffany was dancing…

“Biggest thing for me is just that I’m happy it’s not me up there this year, but I’m just excited,” said Kapp. “It’s just a fun event, we always come every year.”

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