Cousin duo forms special bond through West Virginia Parent/Child Golf Championship

DANIELS, WV (WOAY) – “Do you want to play yours, or do you want to play mine?”

Josh Stricker and Josh Anderson have been asking each other that question for four years. Stricker grew up trying to birdie the the 11th hole with his dad here at the WV Parent Golf Championship.

“We started playing pretty much when I was 12 years old here,” Stricker said.

Stricker’s dad passed away from pancreatic cancer 10 years ago.

“He’s gone now, but I know every day he’s looking down on me and my family,” Stricker said. “Keeping us safe.”

His cousin, Anderson, started to play with him in the tournament.

“We have a strong bond,” Anderson said. “Family in West Virginia stick together.”

Stricker carries a pink ball marker representing pancreatic cancer. His dad inspired him to become a coach, in both golf and basketball.

“I try to be a father figure for them,” Stricker said. “I just want to treat them how my dad would treat me.”

For Stricker and Anderson, teeing off together the last few years hasn’t just allowed their bond to grow, but set the stage for them each to bridge the gap between generations of their family playing in the tournament.

“I’m gonna play 1-2 more years and then we’ll both bring our kids up here,” Anderson said.

“I know for a fact that soon, I’ll probably have my oldest one here,” Stricker added.

It was, is and will be about family. Until the kids are ready, Stricker and Anderson’s current pairing should continue to work just fine.

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