Concord University will host three Living History Performances

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – The Concord University Theatre Department is hosting a series of Living History Performances over the course of the next few weeks.

The three plays tell the story of famous characters throughout history. The first play titled Tales of the Macabre features authors Edger Allen Poe, Mary Shelley, and serial killer ‘Jolly Jane’ Toppan. The second play is called American Heroes and features Fred Rodgers, Mr. Rodgers, and a West Virginia World War II pilot, Lt. Charles Brown. The third play, Legends of Song, features Tammy Wynette and Doris Day. Theatre Director Karen Vuranch says living history performances is how she made her career prior to teaching.

“I perform historical characters that once lived, and I create monologues,” said Concord University Theatre Director Karen Vuranch. “Then, the audience can ask questions after the monologue as if I was the character and then questions of the scholar. I have shared this style of performance with my students at concord, this is the third time I’ve taught the class, and it’s just ideal for a college situation because it combines solid academic research with performance skills.”

The first performance is on Wednesday, October 28th, the second is on November 11th, and the third is on November the 18th. All performances start at 7 pm and will be held via Zoom. To join, use the meeting ID 923-2892-2540. For more information or questions getting onto the zoom, platform contact Karen Vuranch at

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